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Real Butter - Fresh From The Farm

Why Choose Our Farm Butter Bombs?

The many reasons

The Butter Bomb Co.'s farm butter is butter in it's naked whole form - unadulterated, pure and simply delicious! It really should be the ONLY butter one ever uses. There is a reason why all these lactose intolerance / milk allergy issues are increasing so rapidly - and that is because of adulterated milk products! We’ve been eating butter (pure butter) for thousands of years, since long before heart disease became a problem. Blaming new health problems on old foods doesn’t make sense. As consumption of traditional fatty foods like butter went down, diseases like heart disease, obesity and type II diabetes went up.

The truth is, natural foods like butter have nothing to do with heart disease. It is up to us as individuals to educate ourselves and make the right choices when it comes to the foods we eat. As adults - the decision makers - it is our responsibility to make the right choices for not only ourselves, but for the sake of our children too. It is never to late to learn.

It beats Margerine

Ditch the marge & processed 'stuff'

It is pretty fair to say that nature really does know best. Why anybody would choose margerine over butter is absolutely beyond us! 100 trillion ants can't be wrong, surely? Margerine aside, what about all those other half butter, half this, some of that - options? There really is no need for butter to be mixed with vegetable oils, fortified with nutrients or anything else - it is what it is! Perfectly COMPLETE on its own.

The Wulzen Factor

Ever heard of that?

The age old saying that dairy 'is good for strong bones, joints & teath' - USED (in the past) to be true. And this was because of The Wulzen Factor, which is unique to UNpasteurized, UNadulterated cream and butter! It's founder showed that this compound could reverse calcification of joints in osteoarthritis. Our farm butter bombs boast The Wulzen Factor, whilst all those blocks of butter in supermarket isles, don't!

It beats 'butter butter'

Not all butter is created equal

Ours is in a league of its own. It would be unfair to say that regular 'butter-butter' is'nt better than marge, because it is! There is though the ultimate form of butter, and that is naked, pure, grass-fed organic farm butter. Our butter. What more could one want? Naturally occuring Wulzen Factor vital for strong teeth, bones and healthy joints, a higher nutrient content and a better tasting product. WINNER

Grass Fed

Organic Farming Principles

Grassfed dairy is primarily praised for a better micro-nutrient profile, including much higher levels of CLA, better Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acid ratios and dramatically higher levels of Vitamin A and E. Vitamin K2 is another vital component of grass-fed butter. As Dr. Weston Price observed, ONLY cows subsisting on fresh green grass produced butter imbued with significant levels of the all-important “Activator X,” which most people agree is vitamin K2. As you can see, butter from grass-fed cows is a much healthier and more nutritious choice.

local Is Lekker

Support non-commercial local farmers

They truly deserve it! Supporting our local farmers / small businesses, is so utterly vital for the future of our beautiful country! We have pretty much everything right here on our very own doorsteps, we just need to work together. There really is no need to import 'good quality' produce from anywhere else in the world. Lets try keep our wonderful Rands right here in South Africa instead of spending them elsewhere. Our country is so rich in superior quality produce - and the more we support eachother, the more there will be available :)

No Hormones

and anti-biotic free!

Our delicious farm butter is produced on a small farm with a small dairy herd of approximately 80 Jerseys and Ayrshires. In the evenings the calves are seperated from their mothers and this allows her to graze and build up her milk supply in preperation for morning milking. Our ladies are then milked in the mornings after which, they are given their calves back to drink -while mom grazes all day. This is a non-commercial farm without demand for high milk production! For this reason no hormones or anti-biotics are used or required. Animal welfare is of utmost importance.

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