Real Butter - Fresh From The Farm


Our nutritious and delicious naked farm butter is made from unpasteurised and unhomogeonised farm cream.

The Butter Bomb Co. is proud to introduce our delicious balls of unadulterated farm butter to you and your family. We're bringing real butter back.

Our butter is made on a non-commercial dairy farm situated at the foothills of the Outeniqua Mountain Range where natural springs provide the farmland and small dairy herd with an abundant supply of clean fresh mineral water.

Bursting with nutrients, each and every one of our Butter Bombs are hand formed with tender loving care.

More about us
It tastes so good, because it's real!

- The Butter Bomb Co. -

Why farm butter?

Our farm butter quite simply put, is a superfood in its own right! Our grass-fed butter is fresh, organic and of superior quality. Not only does it taste better (like real butter should) it IS better.


Where to buy

Our butter bombs are only available at a few select retail outlets. Should you wish to purchase online (via EFT) this can also be arranged though a minimum quantity order will be required.


Other Products

We also offer a small but increasing range of sexy dressed up (yet still naked at heart) butter battons! Just a single slice of any of our gourmet butters will transform any meal.

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